Ditch the Itch

You do not have to put up with the constant itchy dog keeping you up at night or the half balding cat.A constantly scratching dog or cat is not normal and we can do something about it.For the most part, skin allergies are a genetic disease. Everyone knows a family that...
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Health Benefits of Pets

Spring is in full swing. We know that the extra sunshine, warmer weather and chance to escape to the great outdoors can make us feel better.  But owning a pet can have an all year round positive impact on our health. The heart of the matter is that pet owners generally have...
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Pets Get Allergies Too

The weather’s warm, the flowers are blooming, the world seems a brighter happier place, right ? You know the signs, the sneezing, runny eyes and sore throats. Worse still, maybe your eczema flares so your skin is cracked and painful. These are signs of allergies.Pets get severe allergies too. Pets typically...
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Flea Fact & Myths

Flea Fact 1: Fleas are Quick and Mobile. Fleas are 1-3mm long. Adult fleas can jump 600 times per hr. A record jump is 33 cm. That is the equivalent of a person clearing a 50-storey building.FLEAS CAN COVER SERIOUS DISTANCE Flea Fact 2: Fleas can Reproduce Rapidly. The most common flea on the...
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Brave Pet of the Month: Willow Noble

Arthritis Is Not Ageing.Meet Willow, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy. She has been in to visit us a few too many times in her short life. Willow started to become sore on the left back leg. Initially, it was only every now and then, after exercise or when she had been laying...
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Saturday Morning With Dr Jacqueline

As our clients’ lives are getting busier, fewer people work traditional 9-5 hrs. Saturdays at the veterinary hospital are action packed. We’ll get to some of our regular patients

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Veterinary Nurse Position

Part time Veterinary Nurse Position AvailableVeterinary Nurse Required South- Eastern Melbourne (Approx 35 hrs/ wk) If you desire to :Work in a happy team environment knowing you are valued.Work in an organization where CPD is encouraged to advance your nursing career. We want you to excel.Thrive in your area of expertise and...
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Prepare for Christmas

Tips to prepare your pet for ChristmasPreparing Your Pet for Holiday Travel ChecklistPacked up the van, the kids and the pets and you are on the road for a great Summer break.It’s difficult to remember everything you need to get done. Here’s a checklist for getting your pet ready for going...
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Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring is on its way..Keeping your pets safe and healthy is our job.. Have a look at the spring newsletter Click here!
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What to Feed Your Puppy

Back at the start we recommended you get the details for what your puppy has been fed on already.To keep rehoming stress to a minimum, it’s generally a good idea to keep to their recent diet and gradually transition onto their new diet. Unless the diet is really poor such as...
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Prepare for Play

In the early days your puppy has energy to burn and it is important to bond with your puppy in these early stages.Everyone can be involved at some level. First get a toy box. It does not have to be flash but, you can safely store the toys away at the...
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What’s OK and Normal?

Puppy Parenting Made Easy . What is Normal Puppy Behaviour?Well some of you might be parents that remember bringing your first child home. The midwife hands you a baby capsule with your precious cargo and by some miraculous powers you are imbued with all the parental knowledge imaginable…… kinda didn’t work...
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