Wellness & Preventative Care

At Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital, we believe the best medicine is preventing pet sickness in the first place.

Unfortunately, pets age more rapidly than humans — about 7 years for every human year. Regular pet wellness care for Hampton Park pets is the best way to keep them in top shape over time.

This makes pet wellness care the top priority in keeping your companion healthy. We provide complimentary puppy and kitten exams to help build lifelong relationships with pets and the people who love them. Every time you bring in your adult or senior pets for their pet wellness exams, we learn more about them and what makes them feel their best. And remember, since our pets age much more quickly than humans, it’s important to aim for twice-yearly wellness exams for Lynbrook pets.

Cat Friendly Clinic

Our veterinary hospital is a certified Cat Friendly Clinic. What does that mean for your feline? This prestigious designation means we meet or exceed a set of criteria designed to cater to the unique needs and sensibilities of cats, creating a stress-free environment for them and their owners. Being a Cat Friendly Clinic signifies our commitment to understanding the nature of feline behaviour. Our staff is trained in handling cats gently and respectfully, and our facility has cat-specific areas, minimizing stress and anxiety. From the moment you and your cat enter our clinic, you'll notice the difference, with feline-friendly examination rooms and the use of pheromone diffusers to help put your cat at ease. Whether it's a routine cat check-up, feline vaccinations, or more specialized care, you can trust that your cat is in the most understanding and capable hands at Hampton Park.


A great experience with us

Every pet we see - including dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, avians, and exotic animals - will have unique needs and dispositions. Our goal is to make sure they have a good experience with us every time, no matter if they come sick or healthy. Whether you’re bringing in your parrot from Narre Warren South for preventative care or a new puppy for their first pet wellness exam, we hope to work with owners to keep pets feeling their best. 

When you bring your companion in for a pet wellness check-up, they’ll receive a thorough examination to find any signs of disease or sickness. We’ll always discuss anything we find with you and discuss different options for additional pet testing when we believe it’s necessary. With our in-house laboratory, you won’t have to wait for answers. If you have a sick pet, we’ll walk you through treatment options and the likely outcomes of each. We can also set you up with one of our pet mobile specialists for complex cases.

Express Pet Medication Collection Service

We perform regular pet health examinations every six months for pets needing long-term medication to ensure their overall health and watch for adverse side effects. For repeat prescription requests, please give 24 hours notice to ensure your medications will be ready when you come to collect them. Requests can be made via telephone or by emailing orders@hamptonparkvets.com.au. Please include your pet’s name in the subject line.

Pet Wellness Checklists For a Healthy Life

If you’ve recently adopted a pet or you’re looking for new ways to keep track of your pet’s health, we have just what you need. 

Below, you’ll find our basic checklists on how to best care for your pet over their lifetime. This includes information on when to schedule pet health and dental checks, pet vaccinations, desexing, flea control, and more. Give your little companion the best chance for a long, healthy life – and minimise unforeseen medical expenses. Remember that prevention is better than a cure. Just follow a few basic, simple steps.


Caring For Life

Centrally located, Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital provides pet wellness and preventative care for pets in Hampton Park, Lynbrook, Narre Warren South, and the surrounding areas, including Narre Warren North, Lyndhurst, Berwick, Hallam, Doveton, Dandenong South, Cranbourne, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne South, and Endeavour Hills.

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