Animal Diagnostic Testing

Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic testing for pets, all under one roof.

We use an in-house laboratory to identify and treat problems fast. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities allow us to quickly assess your pet’s health issues, from routine screenings to emergency situations. With these vital tools at our fingertips, our veterinarians can make informed decisions about the best treatment plans for your beloved pets, minimizing stress and maximizing positive outcomes.

  • Pet Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing

    Pet Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing

    Just like people, pets have blood tests before going into hospital. These tests screen for changes to your pet’s health that may not be obvious in a physical exam. It’s how the veterinarian makes sure a pet’s internal organs, such as its heart, are healthy enough to cope with an anaesthetic. Pet pre-anaesthetic blood testing is essential protection for pets over eight years old and is highly recommended for all other animals.
  • Pet Urine & Faecal Testing

    Pet Urine & Faecal Testing

    We use screenings of an animal’s urine and faeces to answer a number of different questions. Pet urine tests can indicate whether an animal is suffering from a bladder or kidney infection. Pet faecal screenings are especially important to check for internal parasites. Their test results set a baseline that allows us to track changes to their health over time, a key part of your pet’s long-term preventative health plan.

  • Digital Pet X-Ray & Ultrasound

    Digital Pet X-Ray & Ultrasound

    Some problems can’t be seen from the outside. Pet X-ray and pet ultrasound technology allows our vets to see what’s happening inside your pet’s body to aid in diagnosis. This can often help us avoid the need for invasive surgery and assist in procedure planning. Pet X-rays are commonly used to assess teeth during a dental cleaning or sore limbs. But did you know we also use them in advanced pet diagnostics to detect problems such as intestinal obstructions, swallowed foreign objects, bladder blockages, or even spinal injury? Pet ultrasound is an advanced technique that uses painless sound waves to study internal organs such as the kidneys, bladder, liver, spleen, and heart. Diagnostic testing offers pets in Narre Warren South and the surrounding areas answers when your sick pets need them most.

The Advantages of In-House Animal Diagnostic Testing

Offering in-house pet diagnostic testing benefits both pets and their owners. One of the key advantages is the speed at which we can obtain results. This rapid turnaround is crucial in emergencies or when your pet is critically ill, allowing for immediate treatment adjustments based on precise data. Another benefit is that in-house pet testing reduces the need for stressful and sometimes costly referrals to external laboratories, streamlining the care of your pet. Having direct access to diagnostic testing empowers our veterinarians to conduct thorough examinations and follow-ups so that the team that knows your pet best can fully manage their health.

We provide the pet testing your companion needs.

We offer many forms of animal diagnostic testing at Hampton Park beyond pre-anaesthetic blood testing, urine testing, faecal testing, X-rays, and ultrasound. Our veterinarians can also perform routine blood panels, like CBC and senior pet blood panels, thyroid testing, fungal cultures, and more. If there is a complex diagnostic test that your pet needs that we cannot perform in-house, we will work with an outside laboratory to get accurate results for your pet.


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Centrally located, Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital provides animal diagnostic testing, including pet blood testing, urine testing, faecal testing, pet X-rays, and pet ultrasound in Hampton Park, Lynbrook, Narre Warren South, and the surrounding areas, including Narre Warren North, Lyndhurst, Berwick, Hallam, Doveton, Dandenong South, Cranbourne, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne South, and Endeavour Hills.

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