Spring Newsletter 2018

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Book a Trip to the Vet

Chances are your puppy is between 8-12 weeks when you get them home so there are a few preventative health needs your pet requires. It’s a busy time in a puppy’s life and lots to remember. Advances in pet health care happen at a rapid rate so it’s best to meet...
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Exercise and Training

We know puppy has not yet been fully vaccinated but that does not mean you cannot start training. Even if it is just in the safety of your home We can start at home by getting them used to their name. Starting with a collar and lead. Yes every puppy hates...
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Set the Rules

Puppy Parenting Guide Even if it is just you and your new best mate it is about setting the rules and sticking to them. The most important discussion even if it is just you and your new best mate is about setting the rules and sticking to them.   This avoids...
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Puppy Proof the Home

Puppy Parenting Guide Yep… the favourite pair of shoes might get chewed if left out. It is not the puppy’s fault …. Okay before your blood pressure goes through the roof, let’s discuss the inevitable. Puppies learn by investigation, they will sniff, scratch and chew things. So let’s just accept there...
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What’s OK and Normal?

Puppy Parenting Made Easy . What is Normal Puppy Behaviour? Well some of you might be parents that remember bringing your first child home. The midwife hands you a baby capsule with your precious cargo and by some miraculous powers you are imbued with all the parental knowledge imaginable…… kinda didn’t...
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Prepare for Play

In the early days your puppy has energy to burn and it is important to bond with your puppy in these early stages. Everyone can be involved at some level. First get a toy box. It does not have to be flash but, you can safely store the toys away at...
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What to Feed Your Puppy

Back at the start we recommended you get the details for what your puppy has been fed on already. To keep rehoming stress to a minimum, it’s generally a good idea to keep to their recent diet and gradually transition onto their new diet. Unless the diet is really poor such...
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  Most of you are going to have a little road trip with your newborn after you first meet. This may be your pup’s first trip in the car. As much as we want to cuddle them in the car, for safety’s sake it’s best to have them restrained in a...
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Brave Pet of the Month - Feebee

Meet Feebee, our Brave Pet of the Month Early last year Feebee came to see us because her right eye had become sore with green discharge, and she was reluctant to open the eye properly. Further testing revealed that she had a shallow scratch on the surface on her eye and...
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The Power of Pets

  Our pets are often the lynch pin to family life. Growing up, I think my sister and I ticked the list off. I have dozens of childhood memories of bringing home the waifs and strays. Sure, my parents really believed me the kittens followed me home! Having Trixie, the pony...
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Cat’s Corner - Cat AIDs

Does your feline friend like to go out and about? Does your feline friend like to go out and about? Whether it’s just relaxing under a tree in the back yard, or whether they like to go visit the neighbours, getting out can be a lot of fun for your cat....
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