Wellness Plans at Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital

Give Your Pet the Lifelong Care They Deserve with Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital

At Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital, we believe in providing compassionate, lifelong care that keeps your pets healthy and thriving. Our Wellness Plans are carefully crafted to address the unique needs of pets at every life stage, ensuring proactive, high-quality care from their first days as kittens or puppies all the way to their senior years.

Discover The Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans and enhance your pet’s healthcare today.

Tailored Wellness Plans for Every Life Stage

  1. Set Me Up For Life (0 - 15 Months)

For kittens and puppies up to 15 months, this plan covers:

  • Initial Vaccinations: Protects against core illnesses with timely vaccinations.
  • Worming: Regular checks to keep parasites in check.
  • Dental Health: Introduces oral care with toothbrush training and early dental assessments.
  • Nutrition Guidance: Helps establish lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Desexing: Includes a voucher for the desexing procedure.
       2. I'm An Adult Now (15 Months - 7 Years)
  1. For adult cats and dogs between 15 months and 7 years, this plan includes:

  • Annual Health Exam: Thorough examination to detect early signs of illness.
  • Heartworm Injection: Annual prevention to keep this dangerous parasite at bay.
  • Vaccination: Keeps your pet's immunity up to date.
  • Dental Care: Professional cleanings to maintain oral health.
  • Weight Management: Complimentary checks and guidance for maintaining a healthy weight.
       3. Senior Citizen Ahead (8+ Years)

For senior pets, aged 8 years and older:

  • Comprehensive Exams: Biannual checks to catch age-related issues early.
  • Annual Wellness Tests: Blood and urine tests to identify changes in health.
  • Arthritis Management: Tailored arthritis control plan to keep them comfortable.
  • Weight and Nutrition Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring to adjust their diet as they age.

Why Choose Our Wellness Plans?

Our plans offer peace of mind by ensuring your pet’s health is consistently monitored and protected year-round. Taking a preventative approach, we identify potential health issues before they become serious. Plus, our cost-effective care saves you money on expensive emergency treatments.

Ready to Start Your Pet’s Health Journey?

Contact Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital today to learn which wellness plan is right for your pet. Our expert team will help you find the best preventative care for your beloved companion.


Caring For Life

Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital offers pet wellness plans for dogs and cats in Hampton Park, Lynbrook, Narre Warren South, and the surrounding areas, including Narre Warren North, Lyndhurst, Berwick, Hallam, Doveton, Dandenong South, Cranbourne, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne South and Endeavour Hills.

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