Protection from Infection

Protection from Infection Vaccination is the only protection, as many of these diseases have no known cure. What does a vaccination do? It introduces a small, non-infectious part of a disease into the body. The body's natural defence, the immune system is stimulated to produce protective antibodies and immune cells that...
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Drink, Slurp , Gulp ...

Slurp, Gulp and slobber ...... yes our pets can have unique drinking styles but, sometimes it's a little more than just amusementLast week we were speaking about Diabetes but there are many reasons why our pets can drink more water. The body is an amazing thing! When we are frightened or...
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Too Sweet

Most of us consider our pets lovely and sweet but for a few of our patient sweetness runs in their veins. Too much sugar (glucose) in our blood results from a common condition called diabetes mellitus. Normally the hormone, insulin, tells our cells to take up and use the glucose from...
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Angelle , Better the Devil You know

We have all heard of, or seen, those weird obsession shows on TV. If pets featured on these programs then I'm sure my patient Angel, a 3 year old cat, would be the star. Angel may be her name, and she is a lovely, affectionate girl, but she is not an...
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Looking after That Smile

Dental month has been and gone . But like us , caring teeth is a year. Dental disease is a very common problem in our pets but can lead to some serious issues. What starts off as rough, furry plaque sensation then leads to tartar build on teeth and quickly leads...
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Osteoarthritis Winter Alert from Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital

Arthritis: Winter is truly upon us and with the cold snap it's not just us humans that feel the cold. The last few weeks have been blustery. I think we might have been spoiled by the fact that we enjoyed such a lovely Autumn. "She just can't manage long walks anymore,...
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Boredom Buster for Dogs

Did you know that Puppies and Dogs get bored? If you come home and find your things destroyed chances are the your fur baby is bored. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep them entertained while your out. Give them a clear view of the street so they can...
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Common Toxicities in your pet!

In humans, paracetamol and ibuprofen are highly effective drugs in reducing pain and fever. In humans, paracetamol and ibuprofen are highly effective drugs in reducing pain and fever, but are poisonous to our dogs and cats. In these animals paracetamol destroys liver and blood cells and damages the kidneys. This is...
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Melbourne Cup Sweep 2013

Simply visit Hampton Park Vets before the The Cup to receive your complimentary horse. First Prize Sort Back and sides dog groom with Nadine from our Casey Doggie wash ora sitting at our Christmas Photo shoot. We will let you decide. Be in it to win it. Whether you are in...
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