How Our Cat Friendly Vet near Lynbrook Helps Care for Your Pet

Feline friends bring a great deal of joy to any home. Sometimes, though, caring for cats presents more challenges than their owners anticipated. While they are widely regarded as being self-sufficient, they still need proper care from their parents as well as routine veterinary care. Because of their unique personalities, though, taking them to a vet clinic can be stressful. 


Why Do Your Feline Friends Need To Visit A Cat Vet in Cranbourne?

When you adopt a cat, it’s necessary to visit a vet as soon as possible. Your new feline needs proper medical care for their health and wellbeing. So, take your pet to the best cat vet in Cranbourne to examine their health from head to toe.


Veterinarian Hampton Park

Finding the right veterinarian for your furry family members is a huge part of being a responsible pet parent. You need someone who can help ensure your pet’s long-term health and well-being through things like routine exams, vaccinations, and microchipping. You also need someone who will be there to lend a...

Veterinary Nurse Required Part-Time

We require veterinary nurse to join our team.If you are looking in 2020 to:Work in a happy team, and know that you are valued & integral team member.Work in an organization where CPD is encouraged to advance your nursing career. (VNCA membership is covered by us).Get to play in your area...

Safe Kitten Kristmas

Christmas will soon be here. The food, the decorations, the gathering of family, there’s no happier time of year. Here are 4 tips for a safe Kitten Kristmas. And if you’ve added a kitten to your family recently, you’re likely find there’s no no more entertaining time of year. Kittens are always on the...

Marvellous Minx: A Christmas Miracle

Meet Minx, a marvelous rambunctious 12 month old Persian. Gotta love those squishy faces with so much expression.                                   Minx’s owner, came in as late evening emergency. MInx was reluctant to move, sore on her back and being elusive. Normally she has...

Fireworks Phobias

Does your pet dive under the bed whenever fireworks start up? It’s important to be prepared! This may seem like cute and endearing behaviour, but it's a sign that your dog, cat, rabbit or other pet is terrified of fireworks. Some people are willing to simply put up with symptoms of storm...

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…and Pancreatitis!

The summer holidays are a great time for BBQs, overindulging during the festive season and generally ignoring all the healthy food rules. Unfortunately, what many people don’t realise is that these fatty meals can cause illness in our pets. This can be a particular problem in dogs which, in addition to...

Beat the heat

Heatstroke in animals is a killer and can happen frighteningly fast. It doesn’t take much for hot weather to make our pets really sick, particularly our senior pets, pets that are overweight, or have short noses (such as Pugs, Himalayan Persians, Mini Lops). Heatstroke occurs when their internal body temperature gets...

Preparing Your Pet for Holiday Travel Checklist

It can be difficult to remember everything you need to get done before heading off on the Christmas holidays. We’ve provided this checklist to make getting your pet ready for going on holiday a breeze! Flea and Tick PreventionMake sure you’ve brought along flea and tick prevention for your pet, especially if...

Give Your New Puppy the Best Start in Life

Next Puppy Preschool Starts January 22nd 2020  Puppy School EnrolmentThe sounds of Santa’s sleigh bells are a distant memory, leaving you the precious puppy you have always wanted. Then the reality check. So far the kids’ presents have been chewed/shredded and the Christmas tree has seen better days. We’ve all been there. The...

Brave Pet – Luna Belle

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and a great way to see the world, so when something goes wrong we need to address it very quickly. Meet Luna Bella, a 5 year old female Samoyed and the apple of her owner’s eye (boom boom). Her owner noticed...