Safe Kitten Kristmas


Christmas will soon be here. The food, the decorations, the gathering of family, there’s no happier time of year. Here are 4 tips for a safe Kitten Kristmas. 

And if you’ve added a kitten to your family recently, you’re likely find there’s no no more entertaining time of year. Kittens are always on the move, eager to investigate everything around them. Watching them stalk the wild shoelace or rise straight up into the air when startled by the twitch of your toes beneath a blanket is guaranteed to give you a healthy belly laugh.

The Christmas break can be a dangerous time for kittens - not to mention for your Chrissie decorations. Kittens get into trouble when their curiosity leads them to steal food not meant for them, bat at candle flames, tug on sparkly tinsel or climb the Christmas tree. 

With a little forethought, it’s easy to keep your kitten safe this Christmas

Fire & Electrical Hazards

It might be summer but we still like to brighten our homes with candles, scent burners and Christmas tree lights. It’s normal for inquisitive kittens to be attracted by dancing flames and dangling electrical cords. 

But, they can easily singe their whiskers and tails, suffer burns if they get too close to an open flame, or sink those little teeth into an electrical cord.

I’ve treated kittens that singed their whiskers and tails, suffered burns from getting too close to an open flame, and after sinking those little teeth into an electrical cord.

Foil Food Theft

No self-respecting kitten is going to pass up a chance to help you eat your Crayfish, roast beef or Xmas turkey.

While a nibble of meat, in general won't hurt your feline, overindulgence in rich, fatty foods such as dressings and gravy can lead to a life-threatening case of pancreatitis.

That string you used to wrap the roast or ham? Your kitten will love chewing on and swallowing it, but it’s the kind of thing that can become trapped.

It’s bad news. In getting stuck the the string acts like a sharp cheese wire doing severe damage to the internal organs.

Decoration Damage Control

Kittens love to climb Christmas trees. The temptation to investigate shiny decorations and tinsel is sometimes too much.

Common sense I think! Anchor your Christmas tree well. We don’t want any accidents 

Remember tinsel and ribbon Christmas decorations are also potential ‘strings’ that kittens find attractive. Skip them when you’re decorating your tree and packages.

As for those expensive family heirloom Christmas ornaments, you might want to pack then up until kittenhood is over.

Greenery Guidelines

You’ve probably heard for years that poinsettias are toxic to pets, it’s true but the flowers we really worry about at this time of year are lilies. They are in bloom everywhere. If your kitten eats any part of these, this becomes a genuine emergency. They will require immediate treatment even if they look normal. Lily ingestion causes kidney failure and death. It’s that clear 

Easier to avoid lilies at any time if you own cats.

Veterinary Nurse Required Part-Time
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