Preparing Your Pet for Holiday Travel Checklist


It can be difficult to remember everything you need to get done before heading off on the Christmas holidays. We’ve provided this checklist to make getting your pet ready for going on holiday a breeze!


Flea and Tick Prevention

Make sure you’ve brought along flea and tick prevention for your pet, especially if you’re travelling to areas with bushland or further north than Melbourne. Even better, if you have a dog give them a Bravecto chew in November, and they’ll be protected for a full 3 months! Our article on fleas has more information for you. 

Heartworm Prevention

Whether you use the annual injection (check out our article on Heartworm for a special offer we have going at the moment), a tablet, or a spot on, make sure this is up to date

Intestinal Wormer

Make sure your pet has had a worming tablet or spot on recently. 


If your pet is on any other medication, don’t forget to make sure you have enough to last while you’re away. If your pet gets anxious or car sick, you may want to ask your vet for some medications to help with this as well. If you are unsure about medications it is listed in your pet’s medical records, access them here.

Make Sure Your Microchip and ID Tags Are Up-to-Date

Avoid the stress of your pet going missing while you’re away – make sure it’s easy for anyone who finds them to get them back home. Equally important, make sure they keep their collars and ID tags on.

Food and Water Bowls

There’s a variety of travel friendly food and water bowls available for making sure your pet gets their meals while you’re on the go!

Up-to-Date Vaccinations

Make sure your pet is protected against infectious disease. Check with your vet for whether any additional vaccinations are required for where you’re going. If your pet is having a holiday at the kennel, cattery, or similar, check what vaccinations they require your pet to have.

A Photo

Just in case they do get lost and you need to ask people if they’ve seen them.


Tennis balls, Kongs, or other toys can be useful for keeping your pet entertained on holiday.

Clean Up Bags

For easy pick up and disposal of poop.

Health Certificates

Including vaccination cards and any other relevant medical information.

A Pet Carrier/Seat Belt Harness

Particularly for those pets who seem to think that a great time to ask for attention while you’re driving!

Pet Food

No one wants to deal with upset stomachs, vomiting, or diarrhoea due to a sudden change in diet, particularly while on holiday!

Pet Bed

Many pets cope with travel better if they can  have something familiar that smells like home, such as their favourite blanket or their bed. 

Check Transportation Requirements

If your pet is travelling by air, train or bus, don’t forget to check the specific requirements of that transport company prior to departure to avoid hassles.

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