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Has it been a long time since you have had a puppy?

Has it been a long time since you have had a puppy? Meet George, a 7month old Border Collie-Kelpie. Dr Cameron tells his experience of getting his new puppy George.

The romantic ideal of saving a life at the Woodend Animal rescue shelter quickly falls to reality. One close call for Humpy the 20yo Teddy Bear, A seat belt, 3 pairs of shoes, couch cushions, i-phone cables, ADSL cables not mention a sofa now has a lovely contoured foam seat to match one’s derriere thanks to some creative chewing. The chewing list seems endless. We find saying our other dogs never did this … in truth they all did, just that it was a long time between puppies. One minute he is looking at you adoringly the next, there’s an ominous silence and absence. What’s he chewing is the cry.. His natural inquisitiveness just gets the better of him. Thankfully for us that teething period is coming to an end and the casualties seem less frequent .. Pheww

Whilst chewing is great , his favourite has to be herding the cats. Gilbert and Arthur our 2 ginger kittens are now 5 months old and a little annoyed with the constant attention. ‘When will George realize a swipe on the face means , leave me alone . ‘He just thinks everyone loves him.

We have passed through toddlerhood. Toilet training is going well. The ‘pre teens are approaching!. ‘Yes I can sit , stay and drop and I know everything but chose not to do them because I have better things to do ….. where are the cats? ‘

It’s not just the kids that are back to school this. George completed puppy school at work but , it’s off to big school this term . Like his brothers and sister before him the next 6 Sundays are going to be filled with training. We have chosen a training method that is kind and gentle. It’s called positive rewards based training. In a nutshell we are praising with rewards for doing the right thing. So over the next few weeks we will have a confident young puppy that is doing the right things… more often than not because he wants to rather than being fearful of any consequences. A win -win all round. No high blood pressure and a very happy puppy.

Stay tuned for an update . Will George be Dux or wear the dreaded dunce cap?

Having a puppy in the house is infectious; it adds extra vitality to our home. In spite of the trials it’s hard to believe George has not been with us forever. When he snuggles into you on the couch for hours on end the world is a happy place.

Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital runs Puppy Preschool Every Wednesday from 6- 7pm. Miss Charli will be able to guide you through those trying puppy times. To book just call the practice 97028811

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