Easter, Chocolate can be Poisonous for our Pets


Chocolate, the food of Love but, not so Lovely for our Pets.

Easter is on the doorstep. It's a time we might indulge our sweet tooth and have some extra chocolate hanging around. For ourselves it's all about moderation . A little bit of a bad thing is OK I am convincing myself... For our pets however, particularly our dogs , chocolate is poisonous.

Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine which is toxic to pets , especially dogs.

Signs are attributable to the body being over excited.

  • severe excitation of gut causing vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Nervous system causing wobbliness, excitement and even fits
  • Disturbances in heart rhythm, muscle tremors and breathing problem.

Chocolate varies in lethality. Cooking chocolate and dark chocolate contain more theobromine than white or milk chocolate.

There's many dog chocolate alternatives. Drop by, we have some yummy yoghurt drops in our dog candy bar you can chose from.

If you are at all concerned that your dog consumed chocolate give us a call. Caught early we can avoid any serious sings of poisoning.

The safest of all. Just give your furred friend some extra cuddles or an extra walk over the easter break. The exercise might help us shed our personal guilt after indulging!

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