Your Pets Digital Age is Here


We have all been there, trying to do work when the cat chases the mouse across the screen, the puppy is under your desk chewing through the computer cabling.

( The irony is not lost, my cat Dotty is jumping all over me as I type this article). Could they be telling us something? They want to join the digital age as well. Well with your help your pet can. You now can access their own medical records, reminders and even book for a groom or the vet ....

Life just get’s busier and busier sometimes. Easter is around the corner and before you know it there’s Xmas decorations in the shops again. Those all important pet health reminders get missed and before you know it poor Fluffy is months overdue for some medical attention We are making caring for your pet a little easier.

Some of you many have already noticed that we have changed how pet receive their reminders over the last month. We now use SMS and email reminders initially . These come out just before the due date and on the due date. Not to worry if you don’t have email or a mobile, the trusty letter is still being sent out. For the organised owners that have booked well in advance, I wish the computer was smart enough to know you have booked an appointment and cancel the proceeding reminders, however it does not. Just treat that reminder as a fail safe knowing you are already doing the best for your pet.

How does Dotty get to her records. When you are next in, ask the team to activate your BeeFree client portal … sounds a bit ‘trekkie’. This will allow you to change client and patient details, add pets and view their medical records. How many times have you gone ‘what was that medication called?’ With BeeFree you’ll be able to see your pet’s medication lists.

To activate your client portal now please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please add client portal in subject line and the name you pets are registered under e.g. Subject: client portal Cameron Rain

Finally it’s been a huge effort, but we can finally offer you the ability to book truly online if you wish. This is real time, so no need to confirm, be confident you have made an appointment. You will receive a pre consult questionnaire. Please take the 1 minute to fill the gaps , this information will go straight into your pets records and help us at the appointment.

To book appointments, simply go to and click book a vet or book a groomer on tool bar below the 1800 number

The final word. You know we love to chat, if you’re happy booking appointment the regular way .. brilliant. As for emergencies, just call us so we can see you as a matter of urgency.

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