Too Sweet


Most of us consider our pets lovely and sweet but for a few of our patient sweetness runs in their veins.

Too much sugar (glucose) in our blood results from a common condition called diabetes mellitus. Normally the hormone, insulin, tells our cells to take up and use the glucose from our veins as fuel in our tissues, such as muscle, brain, and other organs. In diabetes, the body stops listening to insulin signals or stops making enough insulin. Hence, our blood sadly remains high in glucose while our body tissues remain in want of it. This has the effect of starvation! These patients tend to be very hungry and thirsty but loose lots of weight. After a while the body starts to use other sources of fuel that lead to poisons building up in our blood and life threatening illness. The good news is diabetes is a very treatable condition and in some of our cat patients it may even be reversible if detected early enough.

For your FREE DIABETES MELLITUS SCREENING TEST during the month of NOVEMBER please give Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital a call or drop by when your free.


At Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital, our experienced vets and qualified, caring nursing staff will care for your loved pet as if it were our own.


Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital is centrally in South East Melbourrne servicing Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Narre Warren , Narre Warren South, Hallam Dandenong, Cranbourne.

Drink, Slurp , Gulp ...
Angelle , Better the Devil You know

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