Drink, Slurp , Gulp ...


Slurp, Gulp and slobber

...... yes our pets can have unique drinking styles but, sometimes it's a little more than just amusementLast week we were speaking about Diabetes but there are many reasons why our pets can drink more water.

The body is an amazing thing! When we are frightened or stressed the body prepares us for action, quickening our heart rate, increasing our blood flow and sharpening our senses ready to respond to any threat be it anything from an exam to a wild ninja attack.

One of the substances involved in this process is the steroid hormone, cortisol. It acts to increase the body’s fuel supply and to suppress the bodies defence system. In some patients this hormone is over produced without need for it. This condition is called Cushing’s disease or if you like the fancy term, hyperadrenacorticism. It is caused by either a miniature, but naughty, tumour in the brain which tells adrenal glands in the body to produce too much cortisol or it can be caused by a tumour of the adrenal gland itself.

The effects of too much stress hormone in the body over a long period of time generally range from drinking more, eating more, a rounded belly, muscle wastage, panting, poor coat, fragile skin and lack of energy to name a few.

The good news we can manage this condition and put an end to these nasty symptoms and potentially long term adverse effects through appropriate medication to slow down cortisol release.

If you think your pet is drinking ,more than usual. Take the first step and measure how much water your pet is drinking in 24 hours. This will help us out immensely rather than just guessing. And yes! If you have the opportunity bring a fresh urine sample in from your pet at the time of consultation


Don't forget Diabetes mellitus awareness month (Novemeber) is upon us! For your free test kit just drop by or give us a call. Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital, our experienced vets and qualified, caring nursing staff will care for your loved pet as if it were our own.

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