Angelle , Better the Devil You know


We have all heard of, or seen, those weird obsession shows on TV.

If pets featured on these programs then I'm sure my patient Angel, a 3 year old cat, would be the star. Angel may be her name, and she is a lovely, affectionate girl, but she is not an Angel by nature. Angel has a dangerous fetish for bottle teats and other forms of soft plastics. In her short life she has had four major intestinal surgeries to remove these objects from her intestine. She has also come into the clinic on multiple occasions after being caught seeking out and eating bottle teats. Last week when Angel came to us, a very sick little girl, alarm bells rang and sure enough, following x-rays, an intestinal foreign body was found. Despite vomiting and aspirating during the highly risky intestinal surgery, Angel has now made a full and complete recovery. An Angel has definitely been looking after her.

Unforeseen accidents unfortunately happen and can be very costly, especially if these accidents happen on multiple occasions. Having pet insurance can be a big life saver in terms of these costs.



A digital radiograph of Angelle's Abdomen .


Too Sweet
Looking after That Smile

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