Pet Nutrition in Lynbrook: How Your Vet Can Help


There are very few things that most cats and dogs love more than mealtime. Hearing kibble being poured into a bowl or cracking open a can of cat food is enough to pique any pet's interest. Food and treats are probably a few of your fur baby's favorite things, and wanting to indulge them to make them happy is natural. The unfortunate thing, though, is that overindulging your beloved pet or providing an inappropriate diet could be detrimental to their health and well being. 

Seeing a Lynbrook pet nutrition expert is the very best way to make certain that your pet is fed a diet that is healthy and nutritionally complete. While nutritional counseling benefits all cat and dog owners, there are certain circumstances when scheduling an appointment with a nutrition expert is especially important. 

Your Dog or Cat Requires a Specialised Diet

Like humans, some dogs and cats suffer from health problems that can prevent them from eating certain things. For example, if your pet suffers from kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, or is allergic to certain foods, they may benefit from a therapeutic diet. A veterinarian who specialises in nutrition can help you decide on or create a homemade or commercial diet that meets your beloved dog or cat's requirements. 

Your Dog or Cat Is Obese

Obesity is an epidemic among Australian pets. Saying no to a cat or dog that is begging for food or treats is hard, but overindulging your beloved companion can lead to serious health problems. Excess weight puts unnecessary strain on your pet’s body and affects their health. If your dog or cat is overweight, a veterinary nutritionist will formulate a personalized diet plan to help them shed those extra pounds. 

You Want to Learn More About Your Pet's Dietary Needs

Every companion animal has its own dietary needs. A vet who specializes in animal nutrition can help you better understand your dog or cat's nutritional needs and assist you in selecting pet food that meets or exceeds those needs. 

Expert in Pet Nutrition in Lynbrook

If you need an expert in pet nutrition in Lynbrook, the team at Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital provides the care your companion needs. We offer professional nutrition counseling services and will help you get your beloved companion started on a proper diet that meets all of their needs. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today. 

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