Exercise and Training


We know puppy has not yet been fully vaccinated but that does not mean you cannot start training.

Even if it is just in the safety of your home Puppy Preschool

We can start at home by getting them used to their name. Starting with a collar and lead. Yes every puppy hates a collar and lead when they first try it on

Make you have plenty of tasty reward treats to give when they do the right thing. Something like dried liver /chicken works well and yummy to boot,

As far as exercise, let’s keep them local to home. We have to strike a balance between protecting them as they are not yet fully vaccinated and enriching their daily routine with exercise. If you have friends and family with vaccinated, healthy dogs then mixing with these pets is low risk. The benefits of meeting these new dogs is arguably of greater benefit to your pets emotional growth and developing into a great dog citizen than, a potential infection risk. Just make sure it’s supervised.

Time for Puppy Preschool.

This time in a puppy’s life is really important for their social development. Ignoring this opportunity could result in your pet not being as socially advanced as they could be.

In plain speak, they might be extra nervous or fearful as adults. Let’s face it, we want our puppy to be the best they can be and be a delight to take out in public.

Puppy Preschool is like Kindergarten for puppies. It’s where, in a safe space, puppies of similar ages can mix.

They will then develop into confident, outgoing puppies and really gel with the family.


In the next few days you will be receiving some detailed information about the benefits of Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital’s very own Puppy Preschool. An amazing opportunity your puppy cannot afford to miss out on.


For those who cannot wait, click here

Spring Newsletter 2018

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