Most of you are going to have a little road trip with your newborn after you first meet.

This may be your pup’s first trip in the car. As much as we want to cuddle them in the car, for safety’s sake it’s best to have them restrained in a puppy harness that clicks into the seat belt or better still a puppy crate. This way they cannot distract you whilst driving. Puppy Preschool

Remember they are only young and car sickness is a possibility. It’s normal, that they might salivate, possibly vomit and even toilet in the car. So ensure the car seats are covered for the inevitable accident.

Have on stand by some paper towelling, baby wipes and rubbish bags incase you have to do a quick clean up on route home. Don’t forget the car deodorizer, this might make the rest of the trip home more pleasant for you!

As with all dogs, stop frequently (about every 2 hours) and allow a toilet stop. Offer a small drink of water as well.

Remember also to bring a lead along, as you don't want your new puppy getting scared and running a muck on it’s first roadside toilet break!

Before you get home, have a think about where your puppy is going to sleep? At eight weeks old, they are just babies. You will need to have them sleep indoors at least initially. They are so small and have limited body fat that they will really struggle to maintain body temperature outdoors and could risk hypothermia.

They should have a comfortable warm bed, that is easy to wash. Locate the bed in an enclosed area that ideally has some washable flooring. Yep you guessed it, easy to clean for those inevitable accidents!

That collapsible crate that you used to bring your puppy home can be used to crate train your puppy. Basically, the crate becomes a bedroom at night. Saves wandering, saves destruction and cleaning. There’s detailed education about crate training at our puppy preschool

You will also need food and water bowls. Don’t forget to ask what your puppy has been fed on whilst with the litter. Best to continue with something similar overnight. More about nutrition and diet soon.


Collect all the healthcare information.

  • Is your pet microchipped ?
  • Vaccination card?
  • Flea prevention: when was it given ? With what ?
  • Worming prevention: When was it given? What product?
  • Buyer beware: A word of warning reputable puppy establishments should have all this information at hand!


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