Looking after That Smile


Dental month has been and gone .

But like us , caring teeth is a year. Dental disease is a very common problem in our pets but can lead to some serious issues. What starts off as rough, furry plaque sensation then leads to tartar build on teeth and quickly leads to bacteria tracking up under the gums. This causes infection and dissolving the bone holding the tooth in place. In severe cases teeth may need to be removed, abscesses may form and other body systems such as the heart and kidneys may become diseased due to severe mouth infection. The good news is these problems can be easily prevented. Good teeth care is a combination of professional veterinary attention and diligent home care. Like you or I, a routine dental clean up may be required. and in many instances proper oral hygiene will help kill and remove the bacteria sticking to the teeth and prevent further problems. For your pets free dental check give us a call and one of our trained veterinary nurses will be able to help you.

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At Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital, our experienced vets and qualified, caring nursing staff will care for your loved pet as if it were our own.

Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital is centrally in South East Melbourne servicing Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Hampton Park, Narre Warren , Narre Warren South, Hallam Dandenong, Cranbourne.


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