Is Your Rabbit in Danger?



A new viral strain of the rabbit calicivirus, or Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (HVD), was released in 600 locations in March.

This virus is expected to be more lethal than the current strains, especially in the wetter, colder climates. Victorian pet rabbits are particularly at risk.

RHDV is spread by insect vectors, such as flies. Direct contact between a infected rabbit or rabbit remains. Animals that eat rabbit carcasses such as foxes, dogs and cats may also excrete the virus in their faeces. Technically we could carry the virus in on our shoes if we walked in an infected area.

This makes any rabbits at both indoors and outdoors at risk.

There is no cure. The virus causes multi-organ failure and rabbits die within 48hrs.

Protecting your pet is easy.

Ensure they are vaccinated. This vaccination needs to now be given every 6 months.


Make the decision to save your pets life and call today to make a booking.

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