Puppy Parenting



Welcome to puppy parenting.

As with human babies, puppies don’t come with an instruction manual. Here are some tips to get you started with puppy training.

  • Make training a positive, happy experience. How would you like to be told off or worse still, smacked when you are learning a new task and get it wrong. Ban the smacking!
  • Celebrate when your pet gets it right by rewarding them. Food is generally a strong motivator and reward.
  • Food rewards should be accompanied by praise. Tell them they are the best dog in the world!
  • Rewards need to be immediate so have your training treats at hand. A bum bag works well as a treat container
  • Once the training basics are down pat continue to give food rewards intermittently but keep the praise up. This keeps your pet guessing. They seem to work that little bit harder at training as they just don't know when the next treat will arrive.

So adopt the 4 P’s- Practice, Patience, Persistency and Praise you and your new fur baby can have a long, healthy and most importantly happy life together.

At Hampton Park Vets we pride ourselves on helping you have the best behaved puppy at the park with our amazing Puppy Preschool!

In just 4 weeks of classes you can have a well behaved pup!

You also get the latest information on puppy care and leave with the lifelong confidence of being able to look best look after the newest member of the family. Our Puppy Pre-School is awesome for first time “puppy parents”.

Oh, and second best thing about puppy preschool…… complete all 4 weeks of classes and 100% tuition fee will be credited to you for use within Hampton Park Vets. This makes puppy preschool FREE!


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