Skin Allergies and Apoquel Tablets


Itchy skin? With Apoquel, there is no need to put up with endless scratching or the side effects of cortisone treatment!

It’s been an unseasonably warm Autumn this year, and there’s still lots of pets coming to see us with itchy skin. There’s no need for your pet or your family to put up with long sleepless nights due to scratching. And now, there is no need to put up with the side effects of cortisone treatment to control skin disease either! Read on for more information.

Allergies occur because the immune system overreacts to a perceived threat to your pet’s health. Sometimes we can identify a cause of the allergies, such as food or fleabites. However sometimes we can’t find a cause for the allergies, in which case the most likely cause is atopy. Atopy describes dogs that have a tendency to develop allergies, often to multiple allergens. These pets get itchy, red skin. The typical cycle goes like this: in response to an allergen pets show symptoms such as rashes, scabs, ear infections, backside rubbing, and just plain scratching — sometimes in one location, sometimes all over. Left unchecked this can result in skin trauma, inflammation and infection. Skin allergies will normally develop between 1-3 years of age, but can start at other times. If your dog’s parents have allergies, there is a fair chance your dog will as well.

For years, the only readily accessible treatments available to help control itchy skin in dogs was via the use of a cortisone steroid called prednisolone, which has a high risk of serious side effects, or the prohibitively expensive cyclosporine. Thankfully, there is now another option.

Apoquel is a new tablet medication specifically designed to reduce the itching associated with allergic skin disease in dogs. It starts working within 4 hours of starting treatment and significantly reduces scratching, redness and swelling within 24 hours. It comes with the same benefits as steroids, but with a far lower risk of side effects, and without the price tag that comes with cyclosporine. Apoquel is suitable for short term treatment of skin flare ups, as well as long term treatment for dogs with year round skin problems.

So if your dog is suffering from skin allergies, or is experiencing side effects from cortisone therapy, give us a call. Together, we can get your pet’s itchy skin under control.

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