Dental Xrays


When your pet visits us for a dental descale and polish we perform dental xrays.

When your pet visits us for a professional dental descale and polish we perform dental xrays, just like when you go to the dentist. Xrays allow us to check the health of the teeth and jaw below the gum lines. Seeing the crown of the tooth is like only seeing the tip of the iceberg - most of the tooth (and most of the dental disease) is actually beneath the gum line. In cats, at least 67% of dental disease occurs below the gumline, and can only be detected by xrays. If left undetected, these diseases can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering for your pet. Worse, even if the teeth look ok on the surface, disease below the gumline can result in infections that spread to the blood stream and vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart. There is also a huge relationship between premature death and dental disease in people. Early detection allows for earlier treatment, and better health outcomes for your pet.

There are many examples of these hidden conditions. One example where xrays are helpful is when identifying conditions such as teeth where the crown has broken off, but the roots of the tooth remain and are causing infection and pain. Abscesses around the roots of the tooth can be detected before they cause extensive damage to the bone and surrounding tissue. Mouth tumours can be detected earlier, allowing for earlier treatment and a better chance of a positive outcome. For patients with severe dental disease, xrays allow us to identify patients at risk of jaw fractures before the fracture occurs.

Dental xrays are an important tool to help us keep your pet happy and healthy. If your pet is suffering from dental disease, or if you are unsure and would like to see our friendly nurses for a free dental check, give us a call to book an appointment!

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