Rabbits Get Parasites Too!


Rabbits and guinea pigs are becoming very popular pets.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are becoming very popular pets. Now that the weather is warming up there are a few things to remember that can be life saving for your lovable Bugs or pig.

During the warmer months flies will be attracted to urine and faecal soiled breaches. Rabbits and guinea pigs can have soiled breaches for many reasons: poor grooming and related dental problems, diarrhoea or other illnesses or injury. We will cover these topics in more details later.

Flies lay eggs which then hatch into maggots which proceed to eat away the layers of the skin and can burrow into the body. This problem can arise quickly. Myiasis or fly strike can be so severe that it results in death or euthanasia of your pet!

Tip 1: Vigilance - check your rabbit twice daily for any soiled areas and clean them if needed

Did you know rabbits get fleas? Controlling biting insects is an important factor in reducing exposure to the dreaded myxomatosis. No doubt many of us have seen the blinded bunny at the side of the highway. This viral disease is spread mainly through mosquito and flea bites.

There is no cure or vaccination for this disease in Australia.

The easiest way to prevent Myxo is to reduce exposure of your rabbit to fleas and mossies. Avoid the outdoors during risk periods: dawn and dusk. Mosquito netting over the hutch helps, but is far from a 100% guarantee.

The good news though is we can treat rabbits for fleas like we treat dogs using ADVANTIX. This will kill fleas and repels flies and mosquitos.

Tip 2: Reducing exposure to Mosquitos and Fleas limits the chance of contracting Myxo in rabbits – keep up to date with your Advantix treatment!

For more information, or to pick up some Advantix, get in touch with our friendly staff at HPVH today!

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