Brave Pet of the Month - Lady


Meet our Brave Pet of the Month, Lady

This is Lady, an adorable older Pomeranian cross Chihuaha. Last year she was having problems walking with her right back leg. Our physical examination and xrays revealed that she had torn the ligament holding her knee together, causing the joint to be unstable and painful to walk on. Lucky for Lady, her owners had brought her to see us quickly, so no arthritis had yet formed in the joint. Four days later, we took her to surgery to repair the joint, and she was on her way to recovery. This year she came to see us again, this time limping on the other back leg – she’d torn the ligament in the other knee! After surgery to stabilise the other knee and a 6 week recovery period, including some physiotherapy with our nurse Rachel, Lady is back to running around comfortably.

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