Prepare for Play


In the early days your puppy has energy to burn and it is important to bond with your puppy in these early stages.

Everyone can be involved at some level. Puppy Preschool

First get a toy box. It does not have to be flash but, you can safely store the toys away at the same time as rotating them. Your puppy will think it’s Christmas everyday with a new toy selection to play with!

Play time in the first couple of weeks is all about your bonding. So it does not have to be structured. Just fun. A chance for you and your puppy to get to know each other. Embrace your childhood of yesteryear and just have fun running around with your pup.

The types of toys are important:

Ropes, tug toys, balls etc are all designed to be interactive playing toys that engage your puppy and are best to use during your play sessions with your puppy.

Keeping your puppy occupied whilst you are absent is also important. Idle minds might decide to go on a chewing rampage! This is where dog puzzles and treat balls come into their own. These toys are designed to slowly release food rewards and keep them occupied. The dog interacts only with the toys and not your valuable home when you are way.

It’s worth investing in quality toys, they are a little more robust, and last longer. Beware for any potential ingestions/choking hazards.

Puppy Preschool

Spring Newsletter 2018

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