Brave Pet of the Month – Ollie


Ollie and his family are able to sleep through the night!

Ollie struggled with his allergic skin for years. Itchy, red and irritated, his scratching was keeping himself and his family awake. He was on cortisone to control the scratching, but there were side effects and it wasn’t working very well anyway. Ollie also has problems with arthritis. Those who have never managed a pet with both allergic skin disease and arthritis often cannot quite understand the frustration! Historically, the only effective and affordable treatment for managing skin allergies was cortisone tablets. However, this cannot be used at the same time as arthritis pain relief, so dogs with both conditions have struggled.

Those days are over for Ollie! We now have Apoquel, which allows us to treat skin allergies and other conditions like arthritis AT THE SAME TIME! It also avoids the cortisone related side effects. In Ollie’s case, the Apoquel works better for his itchy skin than cortisone ever did too. Ollie is now far more comfortable. Best of all, Ollie and his family are able to sleep through the night!

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