50% of Dogs at Risk. Avoid the Heartworm Heartache


Is your pet one of the 50% dogs not protected against heartworm?

Heartworms are spread by mosquito bites and lodge in the blood vessels in and around the heart. When they get large enough, they start blocking the flow of blood through the heart, leading to difficulty breathing, coughing, heart failure, and if left untreated – death.

The Animal Heartworm Advisory Panel of Australia advises heartworm prevention is recommended for all pet dogs throughout Australia.

Heartworm is easy to prevent with a yearly injection. At HPVH we want to see all our canine companions protected from this fatal disease. To help out until 31st January, we will test your unprotected dog for free when you commit to protecting them with the yearly heartworm injection.

Have the piece of mind that your pet is protected all year round and make a saving of $77.00

Make the decision to save your pets life and call today to make a booking.

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