You be the Vet: Does Your Cat Have Arthritis?


Arthritis in cats can be difficult to spot. So how do we work out if they’re having problems with joint pain?


Arthritis in cats can be difficult to spot, as they often quickly learn what they can do, and what will cause them to get sore, and they will stop doing what hurts. So how do we work out if they’re having problems with joint pain? Here are some common signs for you to look out for:

They don’t jump as high as they used to

Perhaps they used to be a menace with all the jumping onto the kitchen bench looking for food, and haven’t been doing so much of this in the last few months. Or maybe they used to have a favourite spot on top of the bookcase, but are now finding easier to access places to hang out. These are both signs that jumping is causing your pet’s joints to hurt.

Difficulty climbing stairs

Is your pet avoiding the stairs? This can be the stairs up to the second story, or even the stairs to get out of the house into the garden. Cats with aching joints will find it difficult to go up and down stairs, and so often try to avoid having to do it.

Reluctant to play

If your cat is no longer playing with their favourite toy, or are hissing or scratching when they are picked up when they used to enjoy the interaction, this can also be a sign of arthritis. Controlling their arthritis pain can go a long way to getting them back to their normal happy selves.

Sleeping a lot

If every step is painful, the easiest way to avoid this pain is to avoid moving. This is exactly what many arthritic cats do. However there are also many other problems that can cause your pet to sleep more than normal – a pet who is sleeping excessively should always be booked in for a vet check.

If your pet is showing signs of developing arthritis pain, give us a call today! There’s many options available to help keep your pet comfortable. Your vet will be able to help you choose the best option for your feline friend!

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