Well Behaved Puppies Don't Happen by Accident


Stay calm! Puppy will not understand your frustration.

It’s exciting getting your new puppy! They are just a bundle of joy..until... Uh oh ..there’s a smelly little deposit on the carpet! Here’s some tips to help you through the toilet training phase so the only surprises you get are chewed shoes!!!

  • Stay calm! Puppy will not understand your frustration. Punishing accidents can lead to your puppy being afraid of toileting in front of you and might exacerbate toilet training problems;
  • Be patient. Some accidents will happen but all puppies will eventually get it. Puppies develop at different rates but should have it sorted by 6months of age;
  • Give your puppy frequent opportunity to go to the toilet outside;
  • Go outside with them. Use a command such as “lets go for a wee”;
  • When they go to the toilet. Treat and praise them;
  • Puppies often like to go to the toilet in an area they have previously used. Go to a specific area of the garden on a lead for each ‘toilet break’;
  • Only increase the time period between opportunities when you are completely confident that your puppy can last a little longer.

The final word is “anticipate”….. and keep anticipating! You can expect your puppy to want to go the toilet after work, rest and play!

At Hampton Park Vets we pride ourselves on helping you have the best behaved puppy at the park with our amazing Puppy Preschool!

In just 4 weeks of classes you can have a well behaved pup!

You also get the latest information on puppy care and leave with the lifelong confidence of being able to look best look after the newest member of the family. Our Puppy Pre-School is awesome for first time “puppy parents”.

Oh, and second best thing about puppy preschool…… complete all 4 weeks of classes and 100% tuition fee will be credited to you for use within Hampton Park Vets. This makes puppy preschool FREE!

Call 9702 8811 and ENROL NOW!

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