The Power of Pets



Our pets are often the lynch pin to family life.

Growing up, I think my sister and I ticked the list off. I have dozens of childhood memories of bringing home the waifs and strays. Sure, my parents really believed me the kittens followed me home! Having Trixie, the pony in the suburban garden because it had sore feet - I still remember the vet visiting us there. What I did not know then was this vet was later to be a mentor and have a profound effect on me becoming a vet. Thanks Rod, you know who you are!

We went through the gambit that is the childhood rodent collection, having Billy the budgie Mk 1, 2 and 3 and off course enjoying the company of Squish the cat, who successfully avoided any accident for over 20 years. An honorable mention goes to Fat Cat the Border Collie who dexterously stole peoples’ milk delivery’s from their doorsteps. Of course it was a different time but, the positive impact of pet ownership is still as valid today as when the milkman called round.

From a young age, pet ownership teaches us to relate and care for another. We learn responsibility, however small our contribution is. Not every day is a happy day and when we lose a pet we learn to grieve, show compassion and feel gratitude.

We give them love, care and food and our pets give us so much in return. They comfort us when we are sad. They make us laugh with their shenanigans. They are our sound council when we get home after a challenging day. Sometimes they are the relentless personal trainer, uncompromising in their desire to exercise their owners. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The superstar pets are even genuine hero’s acting to support us if we cannot see, listen if we cannot hear, and detecting early signs of illness before it happens.

A large part of my personal and professional drive is to preserve our pet relationships. The veterinary hospital reflects this passion. Caring for life.

One word of advice in hindsight, I don’t encourage a horse in the back garden, they play havoc with the roses!

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