Boredom Buster for Dogs


Did you know that Puppies and Dogs get bored?

If you come home and find your things destroyed chances are the your fur baby is bored. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep them entertained while your out.

  • Give them a clear view of the street so they can see activities going on.
  • Cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls, glad wrap rolls) containing treats or treats rolled in bread and stuffed in the tube. Spread peanut butter on the bread.
  • Lolly scramble – scattering your dog's regular food ration over the lawn or floor.
  • Piñata for dogs. Place a hole in the bottom of the milk bottle big enough for the treats to fall out of. Tie the milk bottle to hang from a tree branch. If your dog has not had a piñata before, hang it just above nose height, and you may need to show the dog that by knocking the milk bottle around the treats will fall out.
  • Doggy Bag - Brown paper bag or newspaper wrapping scrunched up and containing dog biscuits.
  • Dog ice blocks – Dissolve Oxo stock cube in hot water freeze into KongTM, dog bowls, ice cube trays etc. Place in dog's bowl to defrost slowly over the day.
  • Sand or water pits – use a children's solid plastic paddling pool fill with sand, sawdust or water hay – depending on your dog's preference. Hide dog toys or large food items such as bones in the sand, sawdust or water.
  • Buster cube or treat balls. Simply fill the toy with dry kibble, as your dog rolls it around on the ground, the kibble falls out.
  • Boxes – place food treat inside the box and close the box back up. If you need to tape the box shut then ensure that you only use masking tape not plastic tapes. Only use boxes that have had human food in them, this ensures that the glue used on the box is non-toxic.

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